Friday, March 24, 2017

VanillaScroll: The Usable Giveaways for your Special Occasions

It's either your wedding, your daughter/son's party, or a corporate event you are organizing that makes you to check out this post.

Of course, you want the guests to make them remember the event they attended by giving them a souvenir or a giveaway that is nifty and unique! In fact, there are many souvenir ideas you can check from the internet but it seems that it would be out of the budget.

Being creative is either would cost you a lot or would spend your time a lot. But would you still have the time to do the DIY? I bet not!

When I was looking for a giveaway for a company event I was working, I found VanillaScroll.

VanillaScroll is a custom labeled beauty souvenirs like hand sanitizers, hand wash, body wash, body lotion, spa salt scrub, and scented candle.

Have it custom printed with the name of the event and you may choose if it's 30 ml, 50 ml or 100 ml that you want to order. I just gave it to them the logo of our company and they did the layout suave. Moreover, you may choose the liquid color you like that can be matched to your party theme! This is the actual product I got.

It comes in a clear bottle so the liquid color we chose stand out. The hand wash has a pleasing smell.

The owner, Ms. Angelica Bangcola, is a freelance graphic artist so it would be an ease to trust the designs to her - be it elegant, retro, vintage or dainty. Let me share to you her other works.

So, have this practical and usable giveaways for your family, friends and colleagues! It's better to give something we know that can be surely used! Contact them now! Their Facebook

Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation for writing this post.


  1. Interesting idea. I will forward this to my daughter if she likes these items for her upcoming birthday party.

  2. I agree, give something useful and not just for the sake of giving. This has always been my stand.

  3. As I grow older, I appreciate products like this so much more! The packaging is just so lovely! :D

  4. I fell in love with every gorgeous accessory in the Faber Accessories shop. Pages of bright, stunning crowns and bouquets all hand-crafted by Anna, the wonderful shop owner.

  5. This is a nice souvenir and personalized giveaways for a special occasion. Guest can use it and keep the bottle for memorabilia.

  6. That is a great souvenir. It is also extraordinary as most of the souvenirs I get is only used as a display. I think receivers will be grateful to receive those kinds.

  7. Oh yes, practical yet affordable souvenirs are pretty hard to find these days! I always hate it when someone give me keychains or fridge magnets as I have little use for them!